Language Coordinator:

The Armenian language program offers four levels of instruction in Western Armenian:
elementary, intermediate, advanced, and a heritage course.

At the elementary level, learners acquire skills to communicate about topics relating to
themselves and their immediate environment. They learn to express basic feelings and needs, to
ask and to respond to questions.

At the intermediate level, learners acquire skills to communicate about a wide range of topics
relating to the world beyond their immediate surroundings, including: biography, education,
travel, holidays, health, arts, etc. At this level, students expand their knowledge of grammar and
are able to read full-length texts.

At the advanced level, learners continue to develop their skills in reading, writing, and grammar.
As they expand their knowledge of the Armenian world, they learn to describe, narrate, express
an opinion, and argue a point of view.

For heritage speakers, or students with skills in Armenian, the program offers a level that
combines the elementary and intermediate courses: Armenian for Heritage Speakers.

The sequence of courses of the Armenian Language Program is designed for students with little
or no knowledge of the language. Students wishing to study Armenian at a level above the
introductory level, or seeking to waive a language requirement, must consult with the instructor.

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