MESAAS Administration


Department Chair

   312 Knox Hall
  Tel: 212-854-4166

Director of Graduate Studies

Mana Kia

   419 Knox Hall
  Tel: (212) 854-4370

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Alison Vacca

   418 Knox Hall
  Tel: (212) 854-4730

Administrative Staff

Director of Academic Administration and Finance
Jessica Rechtschaffer
401A Knox Hall

Areas of Responsibility

  • Manages all student affairs inquiries for both enrolled students in the BA/MA/PhD program and prospective students for the MA and PhD program.
  • Provides administrative guidance regarding departmental and GSAS procedures for graduate and undergraduate students.  Processes graduate student applications for the MA, MPhil, Prospectus and PhD defenses and provides administrative guidance on student affairs. 
  • Visa processing for all faculty and visiting scholars
  • Grant setup and compliance
  • Supervises the office staff
  • Oversees newsletter publication

Business Manager
Christine Adapon
401 Knox Hall


Areas of Responsibility

  • Manages payroll transactions for faculty, student officer appointments and casual employees
  • Approves all purchases and concur reimbursements
  • Provides monthly reports for faculty grants and research accounts
  • Troubleshoots all business transactions

Financial Assistant
Jason Land
401 Knox Hall


Areas of Responsibility

  • Initial point of contact for processing honoraria and reimbursement for visits
  • Concur delegate for faculty
  • Ordering supplies and equipment for office and faculty
  • Work study coordinator
  • Website updating – Faculty News, Student profiles, MESAAS newsletter updates


Administrative Assistant
Charles Jester
401 Knox Hall

Areas of Responsibility

  • Initiates course submission process
  • MESAAS Event and Meeting Coordinator
  • Classroom Management
  • Communications:  Event publicity, course advertising on website
  • Prospectus Defense and PhD Oral Exam scheduling
  Address:  401 Knox Hall, MC9628
606 West 122nd St,
New York, NY 10027
  Tel: (212) 854-2556