Course Numbering System
  • 1000 : Introductory and intermediate language courses ; AHUM and AFCV introductory seminars.
  • 2000 : Introductory MESAAS undergraduate courses.
  • 3000: Advanced undergraduate courses.
  • 4000: Courses for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.
  • 5000 and higher : Graduate-only courses; some 8000- and 9000-level courses are reserved for Ph.D. students only.
The following course designators appear in abbreviated form:
  • MDES (Designator for all MESAAS courses that are not cross listed)
  • AHUM (Asian Humanities)
  • ASCM (Asian Civilizations-Middle East)
  • CLME (Comparative Literature-Middle East)
  • HSME (History-Middle East)
  • ANME (Anthropology of Middle East)

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