Resources for Hebrew Classes


  • The Columbia University Libraries and the library at the Jewish Theological Seminary hold thousands of books in Hebrew, as well as a wide selection of Hebrew magazines and periodicals.

Online books, newspapers, audio, and films

  • Mount Scopus Radio Archive: Audio recordings of modern Israeli fiction, including interviews with writers and literary critics.
  • Project Ben Yehuda: Full texts of the classics of Hebrew Literature,in a format that is readable and searchable on the Internet.
  • Lexicon of Modern Hebrew literature: Bio-bibliographies of modern Israeli writers and literary critics.
  • Articles in Hebrew from Israeli newspapers are available for reading and downloading on the web, e.g., Maariv or Haaretz
  • Sha’ar La’Matchil is a weekly newspaper written in easy Hebrew, intended for those who are learning the language. Subscriptions to print editions of this and all other Israeli Hebrew papers are available through Bay Marketing Co., (718) 793-7713
  • The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has made accessible on the internet a Virtual Cinema over 400 documentary films, dealing with Jewish history and the history of the state of Israel.

Sources for Newspapers, Books, Music, and Videos

  • West Side Judaica, Broadway at 89th St., (212) 362-7846
  • Gozlan Sefer Israel, 28W 27th St., suite 402, (212) 725-5890 gozlan@nyct.net
  • Sifrutek, 486 Ave. P., Brooklyn, (718) 382-9128 or (800) 737-8853
  • Israeli Hebrew newspapers are sold at the newspaper stand on the south west corner of Broadway and 116th St., and in several other stands along Broadway.

Lists of Further Internet Resources for Hebrew

  Address:  401 Knox Hall, MC9628
606 West 122nd St,
New York, NY 10027
  Tel: (212) 854-2556