April 9, 2021

Timothy Mitchell receives 2021 Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching

Presidential Awards for Outstanding Teaching are given to faculty and graduate student instructors who have significantly influenced the intellectual development of Columbia students. To receive this award is a great honor, as it demonstrates commitment to excellent and often innovative teaching as recognized by the entire Columbia community. For more information, see
March 5, 2021

April 30 Deadline: Summer 2021 Allison Busch Memorial Language Study Fellowship

Application due April 30, 2021 Download application here. In 2020, the University Committee on Asia and the Middle East (UCAME) announced the Allison Busch Memorial Language Study Fellowship, to honor the late Allison Busch, Professor of Hindi Literature in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies.  The
February 25, 2021

MESAAS Summer Courses 2021

To register, click here: | Columbia University Summer Sessions Scroll down for a complete list of lectures, seminars, and language classes. Lectures and Seminars MDES UN1001, Critical Theory: A Global Perspective, Prof. Hamid Dabashi The purpose of this foundational course is to introduce Columbia undergraduate students, in the context of their
January 22, 2021

Debashree Mukherjee awarded the Katherine Singer Kovács Essay Award

Debashree Mukherjee has been awarded the SCMS 2021 Katherine Singer Kovács Essay Award for “Somewhere between Human, Nonhuman, and Woman: Shanta Apte’s Theory of Exhaustion,” which appeared in Feminist Media Histories (2020) 6.3: 21–51. This is a prestigious award from the leading film and media studies academic organization in the United States,
January 18, 2021

In Memoriam: Gregg Labita

The Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies(MESAAS) announces the passing of the MESAAS Business Manager Gregg Labita on January 2nd, 2021. Gregg was a valued member of the staff with his cheerful presence and professional skills in financial management.  Prior to joining MESAAS,  Gregg worked in the
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