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Nadia Sariahmed

Nadia Sariahmed-Belhadj received her PhD from the MESAAS department at Columbia University in 2020. Her research interests include the political and social history of 20th century Algeria, colonialism and anticolonial resistance, subaltern histories, and Islamic politics. Nadia’s dissertation, The Battles of Algiers: Popular Politics of the Algerian Revolution(1954-62), combined oral history and archival research to examine how ordinary Algerians experienced and shaped the anticolonial struggle, with a focus on the capital. At the center of her project lies the following question: how do popular perspectives and experiences challenge our understanding of revolution as a historical phenomenon and as a political concept?

Nadia teaches courses on African and Middle Eastern politics and history, Islamic civilization, and political and critical theory. Her work has appeared in the Journal of North African Studies.

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