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Naama Harel

Naama Harel specializes in Modern Hebrew literature, Modern Jewish literature, and Israeli culture, as well as Human/Animal Studies, ecocriticism, and posthumanism. She holds a PhD in Hebrew and Comparative Literature from the University of Haifa (2010). Her book Kafka’s Zoopoetics: Beyond the Human/Animal Barrier is forthcoming with the University of Michigan Press. In her current book project, The Jew, the Beauty, and the Beast, she explores the triangular interplay between Jewishness, gender, and animality in Modern Hebrew literature. She has published various scholarly articles on related themes, including compassion for animals (Tza’ar ba’alei chayim) in the Hebrew revival literature, metamorphosis narratives, animal fables, anthropomorphism, de-allegorization, humanimal hybridity and liminality, post-speciesist utopias, and species fluidity.

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