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This lecture will reassess the pivotal Ottoman era of Tanzimat, which has a reputation in the historiography as a period of reform and equality. It does this not just through use of the Ottoman Archives, but also a far less known but just as important source, that of the Armenian Patriarchate. This rarely consulted archive presents a radically different view of Tanzimat, one in which policies of oppression were set in motion which disenfranchised Armenians in every respect and set the foundation for the policies of governance throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

Talin Suciyan is Associate Professor (Privat Dozentin) of Turkish Studies at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Outcasting Armenians: Tanzimat of the Provinces is her recently published second book, which was her habilitation thesis accepted by her home university LMU Munich in 2019. She received her doctoral degree in 2015 with her book The Armenians in Modern Turkey: Post-Genocide Society, History and Politics (I. B. Tauris), which has been translated into Turkish (Aras Publ., 2018), German (De Gruyter, 2021) and soon will be released in Russian. Her research focuses on Ottoman inter-communal relations, Armenian ecclesiastical law, labor, gender, peasantry, Armenian literature of the Ottoman provinces, and medical practices of the 19th and 20th century Middle East.

The event is co-sponsored by the Columbia University Armenian Center, the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS), and the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research NAASR).

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