Bombay and Indian Ocean Urbanisms Conference

This conference intervenes in and connects the fields of Urban and Indian Ocean Studies by studying Bombay comparatively with other Indian Ocean cities. Our conference takes the nodal centrality of Bombay as a place from which to explore the specificity, stakes, and...

Rethinking Caste Intersectionality

Join South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance (SAFA), The Ambedkar Initiative, and the Alliance of Progressive South Asian Graduate Students for day of panels and events with Dalit activists, writers, and artists! We will have conversations on the Dalit public sphere, writing...

Celebrating Recent Work by Jennifer Wenzel

  New Books in the Arts & Sciences: Celebrating Recent Work by Jennifer Wenzel The Disposition of Nature: Environmental Crisis and World Literature By: Jennifer Wenzel How do literature and other cultural forms shape how we imagine the planet, for better or...
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