Uponita Mukherjee
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Uponita works on the braided histories of criminal detection and legal epistemology in British India. She uses methods from the history and philosophy of science to examine the colonial emergence of legal ideas of evidence in the 19th century common law world. Her research examines the interface of police work and forensic scientific research with practices of criminal legal inquiries in the colony. She is interested in exploring the ways in which 19th century popular ‘obsessions’ with the figure of the literary detective interacted with developments within and across state institutions. Her fields of research interests include legal history, history of science, historical epistemology, material and object histories and histories of literary genres.

Uponita holds an undergraduate degree in history from Presidency College, Kolkata. She has a Masters and an M. Phil degree in modern Indian history from the Center for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Uponita is now a PhD candidate at Columbia’s Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies department.

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