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Michelle Quay

Michelle Quay is Lecturer of Persian at Columbia University where she teaches Elementary and Intermediate Persian Language. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar, she undertook research for her dissertation on depictions of gender in premodern Persian literature, particularly in the writings of Farid al-Din ‘Attar and other early Sufi mystics. She was awarded her doctorate for this work from Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, in 2018. Since that time she has been an executive board member of the American Association of Teachers of Persian. Her areas of professional engagement include the literatures of early Islamic mysticism, gender studies, feminist literary criticism, Persian prosody, and literary translation. Several pieces of her literary translation work have recently been published in Asymptote JournalWorld Literature Today, and elsewhere. Her interest in Persian was sparked at a young age growing up in Southern California’s ’Tehrangeles,’ the largest Persian diaspora community in the United States. 

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